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We need your help to make the Midwest Vanlife Gathering even more epic...

...and to make sure that the event is open to all members of our community. Anything extra you can swing goes directly toward improving the gathering, and making it more accessible & inclusive.

Your donation helps

  • Fund more fun, informative workshops and events at the gathering
  • Improve accessibility for those with impaired mobility, as well as Deaf and Hard of Hearing community members
  • Defray the cost of those who can't afford the full suggested ticket donation
  • Show the world who we are as a community through our group donation to worthy causes

Remember, the Midwest Vanlife Gathering is an entirely nonprofit event that only happens with your support.

Any amount you can contribute - $20, $5, heck, even $1 - goes a long way, and helps do something awesome for this amazing community that we are all a part of.


Enter your donation amount below. Every little bit helps and has a direct impact on the community.

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